March 20, 2018

Election Integrity

Friends, When it comes to each of us casting our ballots, I believe in a simple principle… One citizen, one vote. One citizen, one vote is the foundation of this nation that empowers each eligible citizen the ability to have a say in the direction we go. Be it on the local, statewide, or the…

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February 20, 2018

Working with Clerks

Friends, As you know, I take election integrity very seriously… The November 2017 election of Detroit’s City Clerk came down to less than 1,500 votes, and with the results of its ensuing recount, it comes as no surprise that eyebrows are being raised in the direction of the City Clerk’s office. Election operations in the…

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February 12, 2018

Friendship & Endorsement

Friends, In working hard to earn your vote to be Michigan’s Republican nominee for Secretary of State, I have been on the road nearly every day, attending meetings, events, and dinners to talk about my platform of Security, Optimization, and Stability.   Traveling all over our state, I am honored to receive the endorsements of…

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