Don’t Let the SOS Office Fall into Dem Hands

Friends, recently released an article highlighting the country’s Secretary of State campaigns (LINK). Unfortunately, they have Michigan forecasted as Leaning Democratic!

I don’t know about you, but having Democrat Jocelyn Benson, in office scares me. Benson will work to reverse all of the good work that Secretaries Miller, Land, and Johnson have done to keep our elections secure over these past 24 years. It is important that Michigan Republicans nominate the best candidate to take on Benson and her liberal friends like George Soros.

Our nominee needs to be a true conservative who can be trusted to play by the rules and lead with integrity.

I believe I am that candidate and I am asking for your support.

Over the course of my campaign, I have outlined my plans to keep our elections secure and improve the customer experience in branch offices and online.

One Citizen, One Vote

  • I will remain on the cutting edge of emerging cyber-security risks, implementing proven innovations in order to prevent and combat cyber-criminals in their attempts to undermine our democracy.
  • I will partner with service organizations, libraries, colleges, and businesses to recruit poll workers with the skills necessary to thrive in their roles. In addition, I will work to improve and certify training sessions for poll workers. Most importantly, clerks will be held accountable for ensuring the integrity of the elections they oversee.
  • I will clean up our voter rolls by partnering with organizations such as ERIC. I will also reach out to every Secretary of State in the country to help identify voters who are registered in multiple states.

Respect Your Time in Line

  • I will modernize branch offices and online services with the latest technology to offer more choicesfor you to do business with the Secretary of State’s office.
    • Increase online services at
    • Expand MI-Time Line to more branch offices.
    • Introduce an app for your smartphone.
    • Place self-service kiosks in Michigan based businesses.

These plans are more than just gimmicks and phony guarantees like my opponents offer, they are the realsolutions Michigan’s next Secretary of State will need to keep driving Michigan forward.

God Bless,

Mary Treder Lang, CPA