Election Integrity


When it comes to each of us casting our ballots, I believe in a simple principle…

One citizen, one vote.

One citizen, one vote is the foundation of this nation that empowers each eligible citizen
the ability to have a say in the direction we go. Be it on the local, statewide, or the national
landscape, each vote matters.

As the state’s chief election official, the Secretary of State’s office is where the buck stops
for ensuring the integrity of all state elections.

And that responsibility is one I take very seriously.

In order to strengthen Michigan’s election integrity, I am running for Secretary of State on
a proactive platform: Security, Optimization, and Stability.


My experience and background in cyber security are unequaled by any of my opponents—
regardless of party—and as Michigan’s Secretary of State, my office will remain on the cutting
edge of emerging cyber-security risks, implementing proven innovation in order to prevent
and combat cyber-criminals in their attempts to undermine our democracy.

Every Michigander has the right to a protected vote; I aim to honor that right as Secretary
of State through Security.


Optimization starts with being proactive not reactive; as Michigan’s Secretary of State, my
office will partner with service organizations, libraries, colleges, and businesses to recruit poll
workers with both the computer experience and office-related skills necessary to thrive in
their roles. In addition, by working with the legislature to strengthen and certify training
sessions for poll workers, clerks will be held to account for ensuring the integrity of the
elections which they oversee.

Every Michigander’s vote is valuable, and should be protected throughout the voting
process; I aim to streamline that protection as Secretary of State through Optimization.


Our recent Republican Secretaries have established a sterling legacy, and it would make no
sense for the next Secretary of State to reinvent the wheel. My office will grow our areas of
strength and look for opportunities for improvement, while keeping the ship sailing on course.

Michigan’s recent Republican Secretaries have created consistency through their
leadership; I aim to continue that consistency as Secretary of State through Stability.

Friends, Michigan’s next Secretary of State will be facing unique challenges, and my
experience has me uniquely equipped to handle them.

If you agree with me, please follow my campaign on Facebook & Twitter to learn more
about my plan to protect our elections.

One citizen, one vote. Let’s keep it that way.

Mary Treder Lang, CPA