FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement on DNC’s 2016 Ballot Requests


Date: August 28, 2018
Contact: Gary N. Koutsoubos
PH: 917-881-9508

Statement on DNC 2016 Ballot Request

Soros Backed Group Wants to Rehash the 2016 Election Recount


LANSING – Today, the Detroit News reported that the Priorities USA Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit of the Democratic National Committee’s Super PAC, Priorities USA is behind the mysterious “Emily” FOIA’s that have unnerved municipal clerks across the State. The Super PAC, which is partially funded by Jocelyn Benson supporter George Soros, FOIA’d the information under the guise of reviewing ballot counting discrepancies.

“The Democratic Party is trying to rehash the 2016 Presidential Election Recount. Our county & municipal clerks have an important job to do and should not have to waste their time on an election that was already decided in 2016…twice,” Mary Treder Lang said. “I would hope that my opponent would denounce this blatant display of sour grapes by the Democratic Party that takes the focus off preparation for this major upcoming election.”