On the Issues


For nearly a year, I traveled all across Michigan speaking with voters about my platform of Security, Optimization, and Stability. At each and every stop, I have had the opportunity to listen and learn what Michiganders want in their next Secretary of State. Over and over again, they want a leader who will keep our elections secure and branch offices that run smoothly and efficiently.

With my background as a CPA, with over 30 years of experience in the private sector including working in the fields of computer security, finance, sales, and government relations, I have developed plans that provide real solutions for these important issues.

One Citizen, One Vote is my election integrity plan that will keep our elections secure, our voter rolls maintained and your information safe.

Respect Your Time in Line will use today’s technology to provide more options for branch office services.

My travels also give me the opportunity to discuss where I stand on some of the issues that voters will decide at the polls this November and address some of the mischaracterizations my opponent’s campaign and allies have said about me.

For example, I believe maintaining a clean and up to date Qualified Voter File (QVF) is the first line of defense against election fraud. My opponent and her progressive friends would rather that the Secretary of State keep people on the voter rolls that are non-citizens, deceased or established residency out of state on Michigan’s voter rolls. I have supported Secretary Ruth Johnson’s effort to remove ineligible citizens because it is done in accordance with state and federal laws and helps maintain election integrity. Any candidate who does not believe that our QVF needs to be updated on a regular basis does not have Election Integrity as a top priority.

I oppose the Proposal’s that will be on the ballot this fall, specifically, Prop 2 and Prop 3, the so-called election reform ballot initiatives. These are nothing more than a progressive power grab that will cost Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars and add more bureaucracy, red tape and government regulations.

I applauded the 6th Circuit’s decision to remove straight-ticket voting from Michigan’s ballots. Removing straight-ticket voting brings Michigan in line with over 40 other states and will ensure voters in Michigan to make their decision’s based on the candidate’s merits rather than party ideology.

As this election season heats up, Michigan voters will hear a lot of rhetoric and political speak from my opponent and her allies. As a non-politician, I haven’t had the luxury of wordsmithing my answers for the past eight years. If you have a question, want to know where I stand on the issues or would like for me to address something you saw on social media, please let me know. I will give you a straight answer.

I will continue to travel the state and I hope to meet you in person, but I can always be reached at my email address, marytrederlangforsos@gmail.comFacebookTwitter, or my website, www.marytrederlangforsos.com!

Thank you and God Bless!

Mary Treder Lang, CPA