Reaching Out to Voters


We are down to 36 days remaining before the election on November 6th and I need your help!
One question I am often asked is, “What are your ideas for shortening wait times at my local branch office?” Well, last week, I unveiled my comprehensive customer service plan; “Respect Your Time in Line”. My plan will bring Michiganders real solutions to branch office wait times.

My plan will:

  • Development and implementation of a mobile app for ExpressSOS services, empowering residents to renew their plates, their driver’s license or state ID, join the organ donor registry, register to vote, and more with a few taps of their mobile device.
  • Expand ExpressSOS services, making it possible to register to vote online, update their voter registration online, request your driving records, and more.
  • Expand the availability of self-service kiosks in community centers and Michigan based businesses. Nearly a million transactions take place every year via nearly 80 self-service kiosks in branch offices. I will build on current Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s pilot program and expand their availability in community centers and retail locations like Meijer, and in communities across the state. I’ll increase the number of kiosks, helping residents take care of multiple needs while running a single errand.
  • Expand MI-Time to every branch office in Michigan, for those once-every-8-year visits. Today, only 43 of 131 branch offices allow residents to get in line digitally to avoid waits at the branch office.
  • Expand the use of mobile units to better engage with the community, and bring Secretary of State services to residents, senior homes, and more. 

I believe that the citizens of Michigan want a Secretary of State who can provide real, tangible items to better branch office service. Not gimmicks or phony guarantees.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Mary Treder Lang, CPA