Respect Your Time in Line


Since I announced my campaign to be Michigan’s next Secretary of State, I have traveled all across our great state to promote my platform of Security, Optimization, and Stability. I have had the opportunity to find out what is important to voters. One question I often get asked is, “What are your ideas for shortening wait times at my local branch office?”

Michigan Republican Secretaries of State have been leaders in innovation and technology. From being the first state agency to interact with the public using the internet, to introducing self-service kiosks, and making appointments online at branch offices, Candice, Terri, and Ruth have made doing business with the Secretary of State’s Office easier and faster.

Following in their footsteps, I am introducing my plan to “Respect Your Time in Line”. My plan will modernize branch offices and online services with the latest technology that offer more choices for you to do business with the Secretary of State’s office.

As your next Secretary of State, I will:

Increase online services at
Expand MI-Time Line to more branch offices across the state. Introduce an app for your smartphone.
Place self-service kiosks in Michigan based businesses.

My opponents have introduced gimmicks, like multi-year car registration or expanding the number of years between driver’s license renewals. I have also seen stunts like a No-Wait or 30-Minute-Wait guarantee. My response to that is “Or what?” What happens if your wait is longer than 30 minutes? Free tabs? Waive your registration fee? A NEW CAR? The answer is more frustration, more confusion and more time wasted.

I will Respect Your Time in Line and I will work to offer more choices to keep your Secretary of State experience as smooth and painless as possible, but I will not make you a promise that cannot be kept.

I have real world experience and ideas that will keep driving the department forward. and not look back on rehashed stunts from the 1980s. We need a leader who has the experience to lead today’s modern Secretary of State’s Office to a new era of customer service and I have a proven track record doing just that.

Offering more options for Michigan’s drivers, boaters and those looking to update their information will reduce the wait times and get you where you need to go, because your time is important and I respect that.

God Bless,

Mary Treder Lang, CPA