The Top of the Ticket is Set!



The Michigan Republican ticket began to take shape last evening when we elected Bill Schuette and John James to lead us into the fall as our Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates!

I want to congratulate them on their hard fought victories. I also want to take a moment to say Thank You to Brian Calley, Pat Colbeck, Jim Hines, Sandy Pensler and every candidate that put their name on the ballot in order to help Michigan’s forward momentum. Your dedication and service to our state is much appreciated.

Speaking of momentum, my campaign to be Michigan’s next Secretary of State is gaining steam and with less than three weeks to go, we are shifting into high gear!

Heading into the State Convention in Lansing, I will continue running a positive campaign, as I pledged to do from the beginning of this journey. Every campaign stop I have made across the state has been a thrill.  I believe that running an issue-oriented campaign, focusing on my plans for One Citizen, One Vote and Respect Your Time In Line has earned me the support and endorsement from hundreds of delegates and that their support will lead me to victory on August 25th.

However, I have been told by multiple people that these convention races can get dirty and that I should be prepared for an attack on my record or worse, my character.

I say Michigan Republicans deserve better than that.  I will proudly defend my record and integrity against whatever is thrown at me. I also believe that convention delegates will know desperation when they see it and will vote for the candidate with the best chance to win in November, not who can throw the most mud.

Michigan Republicans deserve a nominee with Real Solutions. Michigan Republicans deserve a nominee with a plan to protect the integrity of our elections and to improve branch office services.  Michigan Republicans deserve a nominee who will lead with integrity.

Michigan Republicans deserve a nominee who will win in November!

I look forward to joining the GOP ticket with Bill Schuette and John James on the GOP ticket as your nominee for Secretary of State!  I am asking for your support.

Thank you and God Bless!

Mary Treder Lang, CPA