Treder Lang Rejects So-Called “Election Reform”


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July 9, 2018


Gary N. Koutsoubos

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Treder Lang Rejects So-Called “Election Reform”

Calls Ballot Proposal an Overreach by Progressives


LANSING – Republican Secretary of State candidate Mary Treder Lang said today that the proposal by Promote the Vote (PTV) to amend Michigan’s Constitution is a progressive overreach that is both redundant and burdensome to Michiganders and local election officials.

“This proposal has so many changes to our Constitution, it’s hard to know where to begin.,” Treder Lang said. “Like Voters Not Politicians, this is ballot initiative is made to look like “election reform”, when it is simply another partisan power grab by out-of-state liberal donors that would make Michigan elections more vulnerable to fraud.”

Treder Lang points out that 2/3rds of this proposal are already required by state law, including:

“Additionally, shortening the time period between the voter registration deadline and Election Day and allowing same-day registration would not give the Secretary of State and local clerks enough time to detect any suspicious activity or potential cyber attacks.,” Treder Lang said. “It should also be pointed out that Michigan’s voter registration rates are the highest in the nation. (Source) As it is, Michigan already has more voters registered than eligible citizens. The last thing Michiganders need is government forcing another mandate on its citizens with automatic voter registration.

Mary Treder Lang is a CPA with thirty years of success in computer security, business development and executive leadership.